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Other Services

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Additional services CAP can provide,

  • 1. Follow with the Design Team and back checking the Construction Documents to assure all issues noted in CAP's analysis have been addressed.
  • 2. Review and Analysis of the Subcontractor bids.
  • 3. Participation in the Prime Contractors scope review and post-bid interviews with the Subcontractors.
  • 4. Though we at CAP are the premiere company in our area of expertise, we are not experts in every area of expertise, nor do we attempt to be. We have the ability to access and refer our clients to any Specialist they may need. As a major player in the construction industry Jason Smith has developed relationships with Waterproofing Consultants, Construction Managers, Commercial Real Estate Agents, Estimating Firms, Scheduling Firms, Prime Contractors, Subcontractors, Architects, Engineers & Designers of all disciplines, etc. and is more than happy to provide referrals to our clients and colleagues.
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