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About Us

What we stand for

kaiser CAP is an organization founded on the Collaborative Process. We do not inflict ego into any of our operations, nor does CAP in any way make attempts at listing countless frivolous issues in an attempt to make our analysis longer to “justify our existence”. CAP’s existence is justified by our intelligence, integrity and expertise in construction. We let our work speak for itself.

The most defining statistic we can provide in marketing our services is the comparison between the cost of our fees and the fact that catching even one single problem eliminating one single change order will turn the cost paid for our services into a net profit! And keep in mind, we’re not going to find and solve a single problem, we’ve been known to solve HUNDREDS on a single project before the first shovel hits the ground. Though we won’t catch all the problems, we’ll catch a vast number of them, and we’re worth our weight in gold for the ones we do


Our Founder

With an extensive background as a Builder, Jason G. Smith has constructed projects ranging from $10,000 to $120,000,000 throughout his career. During his career with a Top Ten Prime Contractor Jason rose quickly through the ranks to the position of Senior Project Manager on multiple high profile projects. Known for his expertise as a Builder, Jason has been welcomed by Architects and Owners alike at the forefront of the design effort bringing expertise in constructability to the team.

As a true “Leader” he has also taken on additional responsibilities of varying capacity as the Superintendent, Owners Representative and various other roles. Through this experience a true understanding and appreciation for the different perspectives of the various project team members has developed.

Bringing together a superior knowledge of construction means & methods and an understanding & appreciation for the different perspectives of the various project team members Jason founded CAP as the premiere Constructability consulting firm in the nation.

kaiser Affiliations:
» LEED Accredited Professional
» Certified Construction Manager
» Collaborative Process Institute.


Core Values


Maintain the highest level of professionalism throughout the course of our business

Team Building

Promote a cohesive bond amongst the various project stakeholders from the Material Suppliers to the Laborers in the field to the Owner


Maintain the position of the predominant company in our field


Always perform comprehensive, complete, reviews. Never cutting corners for any reason

Honesty and Ethics

Never say or do anything we should be ashamed of