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The Heart of the Constructability Review

A thorough, front to back, analysis of the Drawings, Specifications and other Contract Documents concentrating on:

  • Potential Design Problems - Though we won’t find all the problems, previous project experience has shown we have the ability to find and solve HUNDREDS of RFI’s and Change Order Issues before the first shovel hits the ground!
  • Value Engineering Opportunities - CAP helps identify alternative means, methods and materials prior to award of the Prime and/or Sub Contracts, thus assuring the deductive pricing is provided by the Prime and Sub Contractors during the competitive bid environment.
  • Potential Scope Busts - During this analysis we’ll identify those items that typically “fall through the cracks” during the fast paced bidding and estimating phase.
  • THOROUGH Analysis of the Building Envelope – Significant time during our review focuses on the important aspect of Waterproofing.
  • Major MEPF Coordination Issues – Significant conflicts that could impact the appearance, function or cost of the building.
  • Backing, Embeds & Blockouts – We’ll identify and locate the backing, embeds and block outs for the atypical building components often missed during a fast paced project.

scuA thorough analysis of the Waterproofing, Structural and MEPF systems will always be performed. Our analysis includes Exterior Skin Coordination suggestions and identification of potential leaks. CAP performs a comparison of the contract documents for coordination between the Architect and their Sub-Consultants, most importantly between Architectural & Structural, and amongst the various MEP design trades.

scuAn important aspect of our services is quite simply putting a second set of experienced eyes on the ever important construction documents. Take a moment and add up all the people that use the construction documents as their guidance in building a project. The Bidders, General Contractor and all of their employees, Subcontractors and all of their employees, Material Suppliers, Sub-Subcontractors, Clients, Inspectors, etc. and you will quickly add up well into the THOUSANDS even for smaller projects. The better the set of design documents we’ve prepared for a project, the greater success a project will have. There is absolutely no more important tool in the construction industry than a good, solid, set of plans and spec’s.