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Many have asked, “How can CAP benefit me?”

stanfordFrom the Owners Point of View: Though you have employed a top Architect and an excellent General Contractor this is not enough. The overall success of your project involves ot only the bottom line, but quality and schedule as well. Financially, our services may be paid for in a single problem solved prior to construction, but you can be assured we’ll find more than one potential problem during our analysis. Financially our services not only pay for themselves, but actually create an unrealized savings due to the heightened efficiency a project attains from a quality set of construction documents, not to mention the elimination of “potential” change order issues before they have a chance to become “actual” change order issues. Simply, we can make your construction documents better. The better the documents, the more efficient your project will run. The more efficient your project runs, the better the quality you will receive, the quicker you will receive it and the lower the bottom line cost will be.

stanfordFrom the Architects Point of View: In today’s market fees are tighter, schedules are shorter, yet expectations grow higher every day. We’ve never come across a project where the Owner has told the Design Team to take their time creating the Construction Documents. You’re crunched in every situation. In these time crunches mistakes can be made, so we offer a second set of eyes to review your documents and help you with quality control. Further, while Architects are experts at Designing, we at CAP are experts in Building. We place a heavy concentration during our analysis on how to put the project together efficiently, effectively and at the lowest cost possible without jeopardizing the intent of your design.

stanfordFrom the General Contractors Point of View: In today’s market Design Documents are put together quickly, bid quickly and contracts are executed quickly. The bidding process and preparation of the Prime Agreement is the most financially significant phase of a project, and definitely not something to be taken lightly. CAP has never come across a project where the Owner has let the GC to take their time bidding, planning and executing the contract. The simple nature of our business does not often allow the time for planning that is necessary to give a project its best start. At many times the Project Manager and Superintendent are managing overlapping or multiple projects and because their workload is so high simply do not have enough time in the day to read every word of the drawings, analyze every detail and thoroughly review the specifications. We’ve both seen the scope busts that happen during these peak workload situations! CAPs services can help you out during these peak times. If we catch just one scope bust that otherwise would have been a hit to your bottom line it’ll pay for our fee, and we guarantee we’ll find many more than one.